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2008-01-24 23:03:15 by TheMegas

Hey everyone - we're new to Newgrounds, and we hope you'll be nice to us!

We are The Megas and we play a tribute to the soundtrack of Mega Man 2! We just released an album with all of the boss stage songs plus the ending theme. If you like what you hear, check out our website at or our myspace at for more!


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2008-01-27 22:29:41

You said you would check out my funny voice acting thing? Well, you forgot. 0_0 Lol, here are the links to the voice acting episodes. You should see the 4th one and THEN the 5th one so you will understand what is going on lol. Read the authors comments for more information about the charecters.

Thanks, and I hope you keep on making songs!

4th episode n/117672

5th episode n/119457


2008-01-27 22:30:43

Woops! Lol, for the seconds link, just delete that space here. =P


2008-02-02 15:07:53

Hey, my other 4 episodes of FattyMcpatty are here yo. =P n/117672 EPISODE 4 n/119457 EPISODE 5

My others arecrappy... but you might like them. They are on my userpage.


2008-02-20 20:17:22

You guys are great

Rock on v><v


2008-03-06 03:56:43

The Megas will live on forever with the power of rock fueling them!


2008-04-17 22:14:18



2008-06-26 14:20:32

yo, u guys fuckin rule, put more of ur stuff on NG guys, it will be well recieved, I guarantee it


2008-11-23 13:29:46

What they say is true!
Rock does wear blue!


2009-06-05 11:07:15

you made it bitches!, you all made it whit your awsome songs.


2009-06-27 18:39:46

Hey, aren't you those guys people discovered through OC Remixes with Monsteropolis? You guys really are awesome... Keep up the good work. Play, guys, for everlasting power, the power of music!


2011-06-15 23:57:26

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2011-07-26 20:28:50

You guys are truly awesome! I'm sure you'd get well recieved numbers if you upload the other songs!